Pet owners have often stated that having a pet is good for their health and mental well being. The latter is easy to see when they experience the unconditional love of their pets upon returning home or the way that something as simple as petting their animal can calm even the worst of moods. There is a reason that the human race continues its relationship with their domesticated companions. They make people feel good.

They are also a great way for people to meet each other. Being in a relationship can be another great stress reliever and talking about their pets is one of the easiest ways to break the ice there is. It can also act as a way to improve their social interaction skills. Some people find it hard to get to know other people, but talking about the personalities and antics of their pets can help them learn how to talk and make friends with ease.

The physical health benefits are a little trickier to pin down. Obviously, the calming brought on by petting is helpful in lowering a person’s blood pressure. Taking a dog for a walk forces their owner to get the needed exercise as well. The calming effect and higher rates of exercise also combine to show a lowered tendency for heart attacks among pet owners and a faster recovery time for those that do experience them.

Pets can often be sensitive to changes in their owner’s body chemistry. This is important for diabetes sufferers that have pets. The animal will often react to changes in their owner’s blood sugar levels, letting them know that they need to check and moderate their levels. Dogs are now being trained to perform this function just as they have long been used by other people with disabilities.

Having a pet in the home can also help prevent children from developing allergies. Recent studies have shown that early exposure to pet fur and dander can build a resistance in children. The germs and bacteria that a pet exposes a child to will help them develop a strong immune system. They will be less likely to fall ill and be less severely sick when they do.